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[Vash may have been turned into a 134 year old human, but he's sure as heck not letting that stop him. He's managed to find himself a walker with a seat on it so he can move around a bit and rest when he needs to. After the last few days of rain he decides he's going to head outside.

It's a long and slow trip. As he needs to take a lot of time to stop and rest, and with only one arm the walker is a little hard to push, but he'll eventually get to all his usual stops. Seventh Heaven, the Bakery, the Flower Shop, Good Spirits, and he'll also be spending some time around the fountain.

During his people watching by the fountain he'll pull out his journal.]
That was some rain we just had. I just wish there was a better way to tell it was coming then my joints getting stiff and sore! Couldn't something nice happen instead? Mmhm... [He trails off. Forgetting what he was just talking about. A few minutes will pass then he'll notice his journal is open.] Oh! This silly book. I guess I should say something now that it's open. That was some crazy rain we just had! I just wish my joints wouldn't get so sore before it!

[Respond with cation people of Luceti. As Vash is in a bit of a rambling mood. He will continue to ramble on into the journal, often repeating himself, until he eventually falls asleep for a bit.

After his nap, which if no one comes by to wake him, may be a long one he'll work his way home to House Five. Where he'll sit himself down in the armchair he has basically claimed as his own during his old age to wait for supper.]
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[Action for House 5]

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[Wolfwood's had taken plenty of time lately to help out with the old man, that's to be sure. And regardless of how typical he is talking to the man, he's been considerably gentler in most approaches; he's met older people, but it's not typical. It's not something that happens often on Gunsmoke for him, either. It's a fragile balance, and to know that Vash could fall and hurt himself severely, where before he could leap off roofs and dodge bullets? It's concerning.

Hey, he's a worry wart sometimes. Even if he rarely shows it.]

Hey, spikey--got anything you're interested in eating?

[Milly's gotten better at cooking. So proud.

But he'll help just in case. :|]

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Re: [Action for House 5]

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[Amelia hasn't been so good about hiding it as Wolfwood has. Her worry is pretty evident, every time she sees Vash struggling to move, or resting somewhere and looking so frail. It honestly makes her stomach twist, and more than once she's been caught staring, or with her hands clenched into tight fists at her sides.

It's completely and utterly wrong.

She's better when Milly and Wolfwood are in the room, at least. And Amelia has also been trying to help, even if she's a bit too eager to volunteer for errands that involve leaving the house. She's just getting back from one when Wolfwood asks Vash about dinner.]

Guess that means I shouldn't give him these. [Amelia holds up the bag of donuts from the bakery, unaware of the fact that Vash went by himself earlier in the day.]
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[Action for House 5]

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Well okay Mr. Vash, you just have three for now so you don't ruin your appetite; I made a yummy chicken and bacon risotto with mushrooms and green peas and sweetcorn, so you better make sure you leave plenty of room for that!

[Milly's good at putting on a brave face, she's had her share of elderly relatives to look after in the past and even though it's just awful to see Mr. Vash come to this, she knows they can't afford to let it upset him.]

And then you can have the rest as dessert, does that sound good?
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[Action for House 5]

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You guys are giving him those before dinner...

[Lord, should we even MAKE dinner, if he's eating donuts.]

Well, not like he can't eat the entire fridge, even right now, I guess.
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Re: [Action for House 5]

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Hey, I'm not giving them to him. I just made the trip.

[Talk to your wife, Wolfwood. Milly's spoiling him.

Wisely, Amelia doesn't actually hand the bag to Vash. Instead she disappears into the kitchen long enough to dump three donuts onto a plate, leaving the rest safely where Vash can't get to them.]

Dinner smells good, Milly. [Amelia is pretty constantly amazed at what Milly can do in the kitchen. Without setting anything on fire, even.

And contrary to what she said before, now Amelia does give Vash the donuts.]

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[Action for House 5]

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Well I hope it tastes good, I thought I'd try out a new recipe and see how it worked out, because it looked nice and easy, and hopefully it's not overcooked because the book says you need to slow cook it so everything's nice and tender.

[She's purposefully been paying attention to preparing easy to eat meals and it doesn't get much easier than soft rice and meat.]

I think we'll have risotto coming out of our ears, I'm sure I made far too much.
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[Action for House 5]

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[He wishes he could get mad at Vash sometimes. Seeing him go from youthful guy to old man is jarring, and even worse, the ailments that come from an old body... but then he remembers how much Vash would have given to age along with everyone else. He wonders what it'll be like, when he inevitably outlives Meryl and Milly... Hell, even if they all stay here for decades, he'd have to even watch Wolfwood get old.

Do they just come back young? New? He's not sure.]

Not giving them to him, she says...

[But he's in relatively decent spirits, smiling at Milly.] Hey, I bet Noah could eat the whole pot. He's already showing great promise, y'know.

[Spoken as he sleeps a powerhouse nap in the other room.

He will be hungry as hell when he wakes up, that's for sure.]
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Re: [Action for House 5]

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[Milly's cheerful, Wolfwood is giving her a hard time, and Vash is cheerfully munching away on donuts; in other words, it's completely normal. Amelia gives Vash a nod, then shoots Wolfwood a half-hearted glare as she walks by.]

Means more food for me.

[Since she wasn't kidding when she mentioned the aroma. Amelia's hungry, and she looks back at Milly.]

Is it going to be ready soon?
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Re: [Action for House 5]

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Well I don't think it could be too much longer; maybe another ten minutes or so just to let the rice absorb all of the chicken stock. I don't want it to be all soupy, there's just nothing worse than soggy risotto.
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[Action for House 5]

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[Thoughtfully, itching his chin—]

Should I get the kid up? Better have everyone at the table so we can have your risotto together.

[Whatever the hell risotto is. Wolfwood's no cook, here.]

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Re: [Action for House 5]

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[In that case, Amelia's grabbing plates. She can't cook worth a damn, but at least she can set the table.]

If you say so. [She's with Wolfwood on this one. So long as it tastes good, Amelia's pretty much content to eat whatever Milly puts on the table.]
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Re: [Action for House 5]

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Oh that might be a good idea, then we might get him to sleep a bit longer tonight if he doesn't get so long this evening. Would you mind getting him up? He can watch us from his chair and we can feed him a little early.

[She beams at the others.]

Gosh it will be so nice when he's on real food with the rest of us.