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Name:Vash the Stampede
Birthdate:Aug 18

Banner made by [info]mintypatty

Hello one and all! I am [info]zig_zag123 roleplaying for the very first time Vash the Stampede in the world of [info]luceti! I base him off the anime, but on a rare occasion may slip a bit of manga references in to supplement!

The Vash mood theme I'm using is brought to you by [info]isotropicons!

An important note about me is that I am dyselexic. I do make mistakes; although I'm doing everything in my power to avoid these, always feel free to ask me to repeat things or ask me to say it in a different way. If it's still and issue and it bothers you let me know. I'd rather know I'm bothering someone with my spelling/grammer than be in the dark about it. You can let me know by posting at the first post in this journal or snag me on AOL as xzigzagx123! Otherwise I hope you enjoy my version of Vash!

Important Fan Dates (listed so I don't forget):
Vash's Birthday - August 18th
The Big Fall - September 28th
Lost July - July 21st (Star date 0104 at 2:06pm!)

Our Hero:
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