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[It's nearly time to leave. Vash is all packed and ready to leave in the next couple days. So he takes a couple hours out of each day before the departure to do some walking down memory lane. Over five years. Never before had he ever stayed in one location for so long since The Fall.

There's the house where he lived with his family. The bakery that gave him so many donuts and he once broke into with an old man and a pirate. Good Spirits where he spent many nights. Seventh Heaven where had some of the best food of his life. He sits at his favorite spot next to the fountain for people watching. So many hours spent here just watching people.

Walking through the forest to remember what the world looks like in green. A quick teleport to the beach to see the ocean on last time. It was still so breathtaking. The smells, sounds, and the magnitude he'll never forget.

He lingers at the flower shop where he got to spend every day surrounded by flowers. He hopes whoever decides to stay will take care of the place. He takes a few of the flowers and presses them into his journal. He tries to use older entries in the hopes he won't pester everyone else with sudden flowers, but today he just really doesn't care too much. He wants to take some of this color back with him to the desert.

Perhaps it will even catch a moment where Vash talks out loud to himself for your character her hear.]

I... I don't want to go.

(OOC: Literally catch Vash ANYWHERE. He will be visiting all locations of Luceti as he tries to remember it all before he has to make a choice to stay or go.)


Dec. 6th, 2014 08:57 am
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[The video feed starts up mid afternoon with Vash grinning into the camera. For those good at picking up differences in smiles there's a huge difference in Vash's today. You thought he was happy before by the way he smiled and acted? Well, now he's beaming because he's finally, truly happy. He's no longer just pretending and the reason will be pretty clear as he finishes setting up the camera so he can sit on his couch with a small boy on his lap.]

Hello, Luceti! [He nearly shouts the greeting. Hardly able to contain how happy he is.] Your local Vash the Stampede wanting to apologize for missing out on work and not being around. I'll be back at Azalea and Seventh Heaven soon! I've just been a bit busy! [He grins and bounces his leg to make the boy on his leg bounce slightly.] Right Noah?

[The boy nods, but stays quiet.] But we also have an important message as well! Ready, Noah? Just as I showed you, okay?

[Noah prepares by holding up his arm and looking up at Vash for confirmation as Vash clears his throat 'dramatically'.]

This world is made of- LOVE! AND! PEACE!

[As Vash shouts his message he and Noah both pump their arms back and forth. Vash more confidant and Noah a bit hesitant, but with a smile on his face. Back and forth they go as Vash continues to say the mantra. Fingers spread in a V shape when their arms are pulled back then the fingers cross together as the arms are pumped forward. Noah doesn't join with the shouting, but he seems to be having some fun with the arm movements.]


[And somewhere in the background, for those who can hear past the screaming, may be a priest shouting about not using his son to spread propaganda.]
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[Vash has been very busy the last couple days since returning from the past. He'd been pouring over his journal. Reading what had been changed and what hadn't. It also took him a day to really get up the courage to ask. What if things had changed so much that Noah no longer existed?

Early morning on Monday he opens his journal.]

Who do I need to speak with about kids who have been removed from Luceti? And about getting them back? I want to know more about Noah Wolfwood.

[Please. Please don't tell him that he's no longer there. He's hoping that now things have changed (for the better it seems) he's hoping maybe he could now get the boy back.

While he waits for someone to see his question and respond Vash will be trying to get his life into a somewhat normal routine again. Visiting Seventh Heaven to do his job of helping out there for the morning. For lunch he'll be stopping by the bakery for his normal doughnut haul and eating them while people watching near the fountain. Later in the day he'll also be working at the flower shop. He'll also take a wander through the forest to see if anything had changed very much before he ends his night at Good Spirits for a couple drinks before bed.]
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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is settling in alright! I know there's a lot to get use to right now. Time traveling and such, but I just found out it's Law's birthday tomorrow! Think we should do something to make it special even if we are back in time at the moment. Like a surprise birthday dinner!

Now, we don't exactly have a lot of food here, but if people would like to come over for dinner and bring a little something to share I'm sure we could have a good time! I'll even trade... ah... something... for it? [He laughs.] Although I have to admit, I'm not very skilled past manual labor, but I'll sure try if you could help out!

For example, is anyone a really good baker? Law, can't have gluten and I have no idea how to avoid the stuff. But I think you can? Or... maybe not? Anyway! Suggestions for a birthday cake of some sort would be greatly appreciated!

[OOC: There will be a log post for tomorrow for people to mingle. Vash would just like some help with the planning for now!]
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[It was getting colder so Vash was spending more time out in the woods. Enjoying the nature that was turning colors and feeling just a little sad watching some of the flowers he had planted in Rem's memory dying once more.] Well, little guys. I suppose it's nearly time for you to sleep again, huh? [Yes, he talks to flowers.] You were very pretty this year. I'll-- [He always sees Rem in his mind when he's out in the forest, but then she's just suddenly there. Vash's heart clenches tight in his chest for a moment as she looks down at something he can't see. Not that he notices, too busy staring at her happy smile.]

R-Rem! You're back! I can't believe it! [She was alive again. Where he can finally see her in person again.] Rem! [Why wasn't she answering him? He steps forward to touch her.] Ah, maybe you don't remember- [Something wasn't right. His eye sight had picked it up right from the start the way she wasn't quiet there. Yet his mind refused to believe it.] It's me, Vash. I've grown-- [Only he can't deny what his eyes see once his hand passes right through her arm. It's also then that he realizes he's been crying the whole time.]

Rem. [Even though she is nothing but a memory he can't look away. Soaking in this rare moment to see her. The ghost of her laughter in his mind. Or did he really hear it? Then the image starts to fade.] No. Don't go, Rem! Please don't go. [The plea is empty. He knows she's not really there. Yet it hurt to watch her go once again.]

[Outside Houses 6 and 5 - All week, any time]

[It didn't take Vash long to figure out what was going on. As soon as he did he parked himself outside houses 6 and 5. Either standing or squatting quietly between the two buildings. Eyes calm as he stares at the empty homes. For hours and hours nothing will happen, but Vash has a hundred and thirty years of practice under his belt. He hardly notices the hours ticking by. Only noticing days by the sun setting and rising which is when he heads home for bed.

Eventually his quiet and patient waiting will be rewarded by brief images throughout the days. A pre-teen Wolfwood dragging his cross behind him gets a smile from the gunman. Then there's a man with a long nose making a snowman in the front yard. He can almost smell the cigarette smoke as he watches Sanji yell from the kitchen window. At one point Meryl walks by. Seems she was upset by something that day, probably something he did. A man with white hair sits quietly on the roof. The roof seems to be a popular spot as Nami suddenly drops in the day after. One of his favorites is watching Milly wrangle a Christmas tree into the house with Noah in her arms.

He's happy to wait for the images to come. These now being the only way to see his family.]

[Accidental Music]

[It's a bit after watching a certain skeleton fade through the front door of house six does Vash think of something to do to pass the time between the next glimpse. He takes a now well used harmonica and starts to play. Of course he doesn't realize that the motion to take out the harmonica has turned the recording to the journal on. At some point the song will slowly change into another song. Eventually he'll catch on his journal is recording, but even after his turns it off he'll continue his vigil and play bits of songs he's heard during his time his time in Luceti as best he can on his humble instrument. Uncaring whatever the weather may be that day.]


Aug. 19th, 2014 07:31 pm
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[Vash woke up early on the morning of the 18th. His birthday. Another year in Luceti and another year older. He was what... 135, 136 now? It's a bit iffy with the way time works in Luceti. He pets the cats for a bit before moving onto his morning training. Once that's done he washes, styles his hair, finishes off breakfast, and opens the journal.]

Heyyyyyyy, Luceti! I know this place can be a bit awful sometimes, but never forget what this world and all worlds are really made of! For you see, this world is really made of--


[As he shouts at the top of his lungs into the journals he also pumps his arms. Fingers spread in a V sign for peace up near his head, then the fingers cross together as he pumps his arm forward. He repeats the motion over and over as he shouts.] LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! Everybody join in! LOVE! AND! PEACE!

[He couldn't think of a better way to celebrate his birthday then by not focusing on himself, but spreading the idea of love and peace.]


Jul. 30th, 2014 09:37 pm
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[The floor had been quiet. Vash hadn't seen Adela for several days now and that worried him. So when he opened her apartment door he wasn't sure if he was happy or not to see it empty except for a few letters that he found inside. She was home where she belonged, but it was going to be a hard post to make.

After a few moments to put his own thoughts in order he opens his journal and speaks calmly. Not completely businesslike, but someone in control.]

I just found out that Adela has been returned home. I'm sorry for all those who knew her and those that didn't get the chance to. She was a great person and I know will be missed. She left some notes for a few people.

[A brief pause as he picks up the letters and starts to read out the names.] Vegeta and Bulla Brief, Rock Lee, Saori Kimura, Jean Kirstein, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, Android 17, Iroh, and Ventus.

If you don't know who I am, I'm Vash and I use to share the same floor as she did. You can find me on the fourth floor of the ice building. Feel free to stop by anytime to collect your letters. Just let me know when you think you'll be stopping by and I'll be sure to be home, alright?

[Vash will be around for a bit with his journal open to listen for replies. Anyone interested in passing Vash by in normal life can also find him later hanging out at the bakery eating some doughnuts in memory of Adela. Then another trip to the flower shop as the flowers usually cheer him up.]
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The Dream )

[A green eyed cat watches as her pet tosses and turns in his bed. He was usually so quiet when he slept that this was all just a bit unnerving to her. She tries a few meows to try to wake him, but it fails and she moves to jump onto him. Only as Kuroneko jumps from the desk to the bed Vash's journal falls to the floor. It shows nothing but the darken floor, but the audio picks up everything for those up early around 3am.

It starts off with unintelligible moaning. The very keen ears might be able to pick up a few words like: Stop. Light. And jumbled pleading. It grows in intensity and volume until suddenly the mutter stops and instead breaks into a scream.]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH-AHHHHHHHHHHHH! GRAHHHHAAAH! NOT AGAIN! PLEASE NOT AG- [The scream cuts off as Vash fully awakens. Unable to catch his breath and breathing rapidly for a moment before the sounds of his feet hit the floor and they go running off out of the room followed by a door being slammed open. The audio goes quiet after that until Vash is finished emptying his stomach and returns to his room. Crying softly as he does.

Alert him to his open journal? Or for those who would rather speak to Vash in person the next day he'll be people watching at the fountain. Only lacking his usual cheerful smile and lost in distant thought as he sits on the fountain's edge.]

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[Accidental Voice]

[Vash had been mentally preparing himself for this day. Yet, he still wasn't ready when May 9th came around. The day his life had changed forever. For whatever reason his journal kicks itself on and it catches sight of Vash cleaning a large cross. Only one of the arms is open showing a row of handguns. Vash is very carefully giving the Cross Punisher a full tune up and cleaning. At the moment he's got one of the smaller handgun apart and checking it for any possible malfunctions before giving it a cleaning and putting it back in it's place.]

Hard to believe it's been another year already. [He talks out loud to himself. Or his two cats as he's unaware the journal turned itself on.] Noah would be two years old today. I'm sure that kid is doing just fine. After all, with parents like that no wise person would stand a chance messing with him.

[He dabs at an eye that's starting to water.] Don't worry; kid. We haven't given up on you. It may take a little more time, but I promise to find you. I will. [His hands slip and he ends up dropping part of the gun. With a soft chuckle he picks it up again. Dropping things when no one was around to see. It just wasn't like him.] Heh. Opps.

[Vash falls quiet as he continues on his chore. His back turned to the camera, but he often drops things and has to pick them up again. The outlaw's shoulders start to shake the more his fingers fumble and yes, those are soft sobs that can be heard. Thinking he's alone he's not at all ashamed by his tears.] I just... I really hope- where ever you are... I hope you have a happy birthday, Noah.


[When he's finished his task Vash will clean himself up and hit up his usual haunts as he leaves the ice building. Helping with the flowers at Azalea. Working with a happy smile and having lunch at Seventh Heaven. Now that his death penalty was removed he'll pick up a "light" snack of a dozen doughnuts from the bakery. Munching them as he takes a short walk around the forest before winding up in Good Spirits to end the day.]
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Introspective )

[Good morning Luceti! There's a happy boy greeting the camera this morning!]

Hello, Luceti! My name's Vash! I'm back again! Nicolas, Sanji, Miss Milly, and Miss Amelia! Hello! You're still here, right? [Nope. Vash had been told that people leave and come back from Luceti, but he's never returned and not had his friends around. He just always makes new ones.] Um, I think I'm at your house Nicholas because I found your cross I'm not suppose to touch. Where is everyone? There's no one home, but I found two cats! [They're amazing. He swings the camera around to show Kuroneko giving her son Donut a tongue bath.] They're really cute! Are they yours, Nicolas? I'm going to go walk around, okay? Tell me when you get back and I promise I'll come back! It's just... it's too quiet with just the cats. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed some shoes!

[After talking to someone who's not in Luceti anymore Vash puts on some clothes he doesn't realize belong to him. There will be a boy in a man's sweatshirt that dangles around his knees and in shoes five sizes too big that he has to shuffle in them until he gets to the clothing shop where he will find better fitting clothes.

Now that he has shoes he can easily run around in that's exactly what this tiny child will do. Don't be surprised that if you spend more than five seconds looking at him (even if it's just too wonder about that knee long hair) you'll have a small, slightly shy boy waving back at you.]
Um- hello! [He's shy, but he so very badly wants to make friends.

His new favorite thing? The playground near the school. He'll be all over that. Possibly getting stuck on the jungle gym. Why did he climb so high?

Although eventually he can't ignore the fact that Wolfwood never answers his call. None of them do. With no where else to go he'll return to the apartment he awoke in, but it's so quiet, even with the cats, that he gets a little scared and will open the journal to hear the noise of other people. Without the excitement of meeting new people and seeing new things Vash suddenly was badly missing his brother and Rem.]

Um. Does anyone know any good bedtime stories? [Going to bed without one just seemed wrong.]


Mar. 15th, 2014 02:22 pm
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[All Vash had been expecting was to finish his night at Good Spirits, go home, and sleep. Coming home to find droids kidnapping the girl who lives next to him was not in the plans. He awakens early Saturday with a pounding headache and sore muscles. He really hasn't had a very good March so far. Falling in love, vampires, and droids. He's had just about enough as he reaches for his journal.

He tries to hold it so the destruction of the apartment can't be seen and besides the beaten look in his expression he doesn't look too worse for wear.]
I'm sorry to anyone who is friends with Adela, but she'll be missing from work for a little while. [He hates these kinds of announcements and hopes people understand from just that what has happened. Still better to note what's happened then leave her friends wondering if she had been sent home.

Vash will take time to clean up the apartment as best he can and put things to right. Once it's done he'll be taking himself to Good Spirits and spend most of the day there drinking. It may not help the bruises he got last night or his bruised feelings, but he can sure pretend it does!

Some days. He really hates Luceti.]


Feb. 8th, 2014 01:06 pm
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[Vash sat up in the woods with a pounding headache. More worrying for him at the moment was the biting cold wind that was hitting his skin at nearly every angle. Once again the Malnosso had left him out in the cold of winter in nothing but new feather pants. Leaving all his scars exposed.

Some days he really hates those guys.

Those out in the woods today might glimpse the rare nearly naked Vash as he tries to dash from tree to tree as he quickly makes his way to the clothing shop to retrieve his trademark red coat back. It's sitting in the shop waiting for him and he's hoping no one is shopping at the store so they won't be shocked at his scars or currently trying on his coat. He really wants that back.

Once fully clothed again Vash will make a quick stop to the grocery store. As he isn't sure how long he's been gone and last he knew he was the only one on his floor. He wanted to make sure there was something worth eating in his place. He also grabs the nicer cat food because while he's sure the cats are good at fending for themselves he still feels the need to bring a peace offering for being gone if he wants to sleep at all tonight.

From there he heads home to the ice building. He's finally happy to be home at last. His head is still pounding with images of shady men and he can't help feeling there's still something wrong. He never gets off from a visit with the Malnosso without something going wrong. He finds out what a little bit later when he's suddenly hit by the hiccups.

Maybe he was just sitting down to a sandwich. Trying to clean his gun. Getting out of the shower. Sitting around quiet. Walking around town. Anytime during the next week hiccups will suddenly come and each time that he hiccups he suddenly teleports somewhere random.

Anytime this week you could have a Vash falling from your ceiling. Trapped in your closet; banging to be let out. Hopefully he doesn't show up in your bath with you. Feel free to find Vash anywhere in nearly any situation that suits your pleasure! Just beware the noise...]

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[Vash was having a good night for the most part. He had woken up in the middle of it - thought someone had come in, but no one had. Still had a pretty nice sleep up until he gets up and out of bed. This would be because he has just placed his feet into some very cold water. He lets out a very unmanly shriek as he leaps from the bed. Once his feet are dry he exits his bedroom to find-OW! What- what is that chair- oh come on! His furniture too?

After checking to make sure Wolfwood's cross is safe and all weapons he's hidden around the place accounted for a bedraggled Vash appears over the journals. Still dressed in his long sleeved pajamas and hair in a mess of bedhead. He also may be rubbing at his shin.]

So, last year was elves. Did anyone else get their apartment re-arranged or was it just me? [This just HAS to be something with Malnosso, right? Right?] If it wasn't Malnosso who was it?! [Most of the people Vash would have guessed to pull on prank on him have been sent home or don't remember him if they are still here.]

Getting so a guy can't even walk around in his own home anymore!


[Later once Vash has put his place back to rights he'll be less angry. He visits the flower shop, grocery store, and the town square. At the square he'll be doing some people watching and feeling a bit prankish himself now a stray snowball or two may be flying at characters as they walk by.

He'll end his day in Good Spirits for a quiet drink.]
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Action - Backdated to Thursday Oct 10th

[Vash pulled himself out of the tunnels after a visit with John. He walks a short distance away from the entrance. He didn't feel different. Everything seemed like it was before he went down to have his death penalty removed. Did it not work? Or was this Rem not that-

Then suddenly with that thought images of Rem bombard his brain. Every thought. Every memory he's had of her comes rushing back to him. He falls to his knees, his eyes shut tight, hand clutching at his head as the images flash and try to settle into his mind. Then they shift to the actions and things he had said over the past year without these memories. He- he had... what had he done?

He screams in utter anguish. People can find him, dressed in a pair of brown slacks and a brown long sleeved shirt. His head pressed to the ground and his long hair down around his face, hiding the tears streaming down his face. Shoulders shaking he'll kneel there for several hours before he'll eventually push himself back up to his feet and head to his apartment in town.]

Rem, I'm so sorry, Rem!

Voice - Today

[Vash took a few days to sit quietly in his apartment as memories assaulted him as they tried to right themselves in his mind. Eventually they did settle and he felt whole once again. Calmly he looked himself over in his mirror. He shaved, cut his hair, and styled it up for the first time in a year. He remembered now. What it meant. It was the style she had so loved. He then moved to his closet and in the back, forgotten was his red coat.

Silently as he shook it out and cleaned it he thought over the past year. He had allowed so many people to die. With very little thought or care. Even if here in Luceti they came back, it did not make it right. What of the bomb that he had allowed to be set off? How many lives may never come back because of that?

What could he do to ever repay them? How could he ever fix this? Right now, he doesn't know the answer. All he knows is that he'll just have to keep living in order to find out. He slips his coat on and picks up his journal.

He takes a deep breath. Steady. The first step will at least be to spread Rem's message once again. In his own flair that is. He puts on a big smile and opens the journal up.]

Hey there, Luceti! The weather is getting colder and the trees are all kinds of fun colors! It's a real good day to be alive! The Malnosso may try to get us down and upset sometimes, but don't forget! That the world is made of LOVE AND PEACE! Come on everyone! Say it with me now! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE! LOVE! AND! PEACE!

[And yes, he's doing this motion at the camera as well.]
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Introspective )

People visiting Good Spirits will see Vash dressed in a pair of jeans, a long sleeved button up shirt, with his long hair down around his face hunched over his journal. Flipping through it quickly. Playing bits and pieces of older entries. Then finally, there she was. A woman with black hair that he couldn't recognize, yet was talking to her in the past like she was the world to him. Who was this Rem?

Could his memory of her be lost from a death? But he couldn't eat baked goods anymore, that was his penalty for dying as a zombie, wasn't it? Could someone get two death penalties? Or- had he been killed without even realizing it?

Not only that, but he could tell just reading some of his past entries that he thought very differently when this woman was around. Just who was she?

Maybe it was the fact that he was drinking. Or the idea that if he wanted to fix this he'd have to leave himself open to John and the idea didn't sit well with him. Either way he eventually makes a post to Luceti at large.]

If you forgot someone, how important would it be for you to remember? Even if you thought remembering them would change you? The way you think? Would you want to remember even if the memories were bad and you probably won't meet them ever again?

[As the way Knives talked it seemed like Rem has been dead for some time in his world.

Eventually Vash will be sending out a private message out to John.]
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Community House 4 and Forest
[Vash is looking much more like his old self today. Dressed in his red coat and hair spiky once more, but more than that he's no longer depressed beyond belief. The first thing he did when he woke up in Community Housing 4 with no memory how he got there and a set of strange white wings was to well - panic! Once he was sure the wings weren't part of his Plant powers going haywire he dared a look out the window and- whoa. That was not Gunsmoke outside.

This called for exploring of the wide eyed and gaping kind. Vash makes a bee line for the forest and stands around, hand on his mouth, and cries. So many trees and is that- it is. It's a river he'll follow the flowing water for some time. Amazed at it's beauty.]

[Eventually he does find a building that seems to be full of baked goods. Now those donuts look delicious! He'll stand around and call to see if anyone remembers that they work at the bakery. If no one answer his call, well, you can't let a good donut go to waste now can you!? His quick hand nabs one and ah! Heaven!] They're so good! Sweet little cake made of-

[He trails off, running out the door and out the side of the building to become violently sick. Well, that was weird. Better eat a donut to clear out that nasty taste in his mouth! He heads back in to eat another only it sends him running for a safe place to throw up once more.]

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE DONUTS!? [Maybe he's been sent to hell!

Not that he'll let that stop him. Okay, it stops him for an hour or two as he cries over not being able to apparently eat any baked good and warning people from trying them and being sick themselves.]


[Vash couldn't help notice all the kids that seem to be in this village. If they were feeling as apprehensive as he was at waking up in a strange place with wings maybe they could use a bit of fun. He eventually finds himself a ball and starts kicking it around the square. Even picking up that weird book he found and giving it a shake or two. He knows he found a voice function somewhere on here- ah! There it is.]

Hey there! Don't know if this is some dream or something, but I found a ball and it's a good day outside! Come out to that fountain and we'll get some sort of game going! It'll be fun! Just look for the guy in the big red coat! The name's Vash!

[Until anyone shows up Vash will be bouncing the ball up and down to practice a bit and whoops-! Watch out! Loose ball!]

Pretty Much Everywhere Else

[When not playing with children or avoiding poisoned bakeries Vash will be wandering here, there, and everywhere. Trying to get some clue as to where he is or what has happened. He's not shy so even if you're character is just standing around he'll be happy to strike up a conversation to see if they know what's going on. Find Vash just about anywhere!]
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[Vash was sore. Spending several weeks combat testing for the Malnosso was a pain, but the points he earned that he one day hoped to spend on seeing Noah one day were hopefully worth it.

Long hair still tied back in a pony tail, wearing the green long sleeve shirt and brown pants that he wore during the combat tests, and sporting a few new bruises and a slight limp, he drops himself in Good Spirits first. Needing a good stiff drink.

It's while nursing his fourth or fifth drink that he eventually opens the journal.]

[Filtered 100% from Knives]

Hey there. I'm back. Sorry, I was gone a little longer than expected. Hope things weren't too hectic at Seventh Heaven without me. I'll be back to work tomorrow. Oh, and as long as things are working normally around here still, welcome to all the New Feathers. Hope your stay here won't be too horrible or long!

[For the next few hours Vash will be working his way through a bottle of whiskey. Then it's off to the grocery store to restock his apartment. Speaking of which, the very moment he gets back to community building four he'll be attacked by a couple cats who have missed their favorite scratching post. Feel free to run into him at any point in his wanderings today.

After relaxing just a bit at home, Vash does finally decide to open his journal just once more.]

[Private to Knives // 100% Unhackable]

I'm back. [It's all that's said for now. He's not really sure he wants to talk to his brother anyway. Still, one never does make the best choices while buzzed.

It's later on when he finally checks his calender and sees just what day it is. Or close to. July 21st. They just had to bring him back in time to remember the anniversary of the destruction of the city of July. He was going to need a lot more alcohol over the next couple days.]


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